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GDT: Devils @ Pittsburgh- Round 3- 1:00 PM MSG+, NHLN

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Rupp is arguably our best hype man. All kinds of accolades during the NHL Network broadcast. The PBP guy keeps saying Bratt like the thing you grill, kinda annoying.


How the hell isn't that a call on McCan for the low bridge?

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Ty Smith is now leading the team in assists btw. Couldn’t be happier with how good he looks. 

A wraparound in overtime. Somewhere, David Clarkson is smiling.  And then he fell down. 

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Watching that play again... Smith, Zacha, and Bratt. The names you want to see delivering. 

That drop from Bratt to Zacha, then Bratt picks Crosby and goes to the open space, which gives Zacha time to get around Crosby and find Bratt open. Just a really smart play all around

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Had to listen to the game today but overall it sounded like a good effort.   A badly needed winner from Bratt.  Impressive for the 3 young guys to win it in OT while Crosby was on the ice.  

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Not going to lie, I was cursing Bratt out in OT for completely fanning in that breakaway. Then he goes and pulls off a move like that. And that is why he is so frustrating. Misses an easier opportunity and then makes a very difficult wraparound look easy. 

We fully deserved that win. The post saved the Pens for much of that game. 

Also, I know we miss Nico every game, but tonight was an example where having him would take some of the pressure off Jack. The Pens were just zeroed in on him and he had very little space or time.  That's because the pens were able to keep his line matched with Crosby's. If you have Nico on a line you are having to think about which one you take on. 

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