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Minnesota Duluth defeats North Dakota in 5OT 3-2

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I know its college and not the NHL but did anyone catch this game? The game got extended in (I think) the 1st OT when a UMD player put himself offside.  As the game went on there were very few stoppages. it was a good hockey watch.

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142:13 total game length, or the equivalent of ~2.3 games worth of hockey.  That's insane.  This makes me miss 20Min OT's during the regular season. 

Tangent:  I wish the NHL would implement a new OT point system but I know its a pipe-dream because the league thinks the dumbass skills competition that is the shootout is marketable to non-regular fans.  "Hey you two teams just battled it out for 65 mins of real, gritty hockey.  Let's now decide the game though a stupid minigame.  Oh and loser still gets a point"  its fvcking asinine.

It should be like this:

60 Mins of hockey, 10 mins of 4v4 OT, 10 mins of 3v3 OT

2 points for a win (Regulation or OT)

1 Point each if the teams are still tied after 3v3 OT

0 Points for any loss (Regulation or OT)

Why this league awards losers a point is beyond my comprehension. Who cares if you went to OT?  You can get scored on 5 seconds into OT and still get a point, its fvckin dumb. 

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