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GDT: Devils @ Bruins (Again) - 7:00pm MSG+2


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1 hour ago, Lateralous said:

Am I the only person that doesn’t mind listening to Jack Edwards call a game?  I mean he obviously calls the game like a bit of a super fan but I think his enthusiasm for the Bruins comes off in a good way because he’s also really knowledgeable about the opponent and is usually quite complementary.  He’s also not afraid to say it if the Bruins catch a break on a missed call or whatever.  I find it so much better than some of the lazy ass commentators that just regurgitate the same old sh!t and claim every call was a bad one against their team.   

Admittedly though, I did not hear his call on Sunday when the two replays went against them.  

I don't mind the Bruins announcers, for mostly the exact reasons you mentioned.  They don't come across as obnoxious homers or whiners.  I also put the Caps' announcers in this same category - they do a pretty good job of remaining objective and routinely pay our team compliments, regardless of who's winning the game.

1 hour ago, mfitz804 said:

I think a lot of people worry a lot more than I do about who is calling the game. 

I thought I was one the only one here who generally doesn't care who is announcing a game - glad I have some company in that respect.   There might be one or two guys I can't stand for PBP, but, and I've said this before, for the most part I just don't really pay enough attention to them to let it affect my viewing experience.  I'm too focused on the play and analyzing the game in my own head to the point where most of what they say is probably background noise up until a pivotal moment like a goal or a penalty.  

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5 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Good first period. 

Was going to say the same - it says it all without saying much.  Guys look like they have their legs tonight which is always nice.  A rare soft goal from Blackwood, looked like he just misjudged a bit of a wobbly puck - I'm sure he'll rebound solidly.

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Just now, SterioDesign said:

Well whoever is constantly saying that the league is rigged for the Bruins to win are certainly not watching their games against us

They would be securely in the 4th playoff spot but for us. Instead the Flyers are right on their heels. 

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Just now, NJDevils1214 said:

Johnsson has forgotten how to play hockey.

I didn’t even realize he was playing. 

Just now, Nicomo said:

He doesn’t score often, but when he does they’re usually highlight reel. 

None of our guys score often lol. 

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Just now, NJDfan1711 said:

Great cycle work by that line there - nice for Zajac to get rewarded in front, and love that Bratt threw the puck in front point - love seeing guys who aren't afarid to do that even if it's "low percentage" - anything can happen. 

It’s in the net, that’s 100%. 

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Zajac is doing really well playing with the young guns. I'm so happy we have him and shame on all the Devils fans that talked about how overpaid and awful he is.

Love Wood's game this year. He is playing smarter than we've ever seen. Like a real hockey player or something.

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