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GDT: Caps @ Devils- Round 8: The final round (thankfully) 3:00 PM MSG+ NHLN

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Hey Caps-  LGD

To some this will be another chart that doesn't mean anything without the points to back it up , but holy fvck , he can't do much more.     

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Let's go Devils !

lined up at practice yesterday:

Johnsson - Hughes - Palmieri <-------- Johnsson seriously, Palms will probably be a goner anyways
Kuokkanen - Zajac - Sharangovitch <------ Love it their back together
Maltsev - Zacha - Wood 
Bratt - McLeod - Boqvist 

Smith - Severson
Kulikov - Subban
Murray - Vatanen


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1 hour ago, devlman said:

Just run these guys into the boards every chance you get. 

This is obviously never going to happen. 

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1 minute ago, Nicomo said:

Has to be BOS or NYI. 

Watch it be some team totally out of left field. Like Minnesota or something. I did read yesterday Toronto was also very interested in Palms.

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Copied from the trade deadline thread since this will be more active:

I honestly have no clue what the holy hell Kyle Palmieri you guys watch that you want to pay him 5+m for 3+ seasons. 

Where is he going to play? Kyle Palmieri cannot be on a 3rd or 4th line. He’s slow, he turns the puck over and he backchecks like a peewee. Do any of you think those traits improve with age? In any universe? 

Let’s say he gets signed for 3 years. There are 4 wing positions in the top two lines up for grabs. Sharangovich, Bratt and Holtz will/should occupy at least three of them during Palmieri’s tenure. Pavel Zacha should be on Nico’s wing but that’s fine if you want to leave him as 3C. 

Up the pipeline we have Foote, who is a shoot-first player with a dime of a snipe. Then you have Dawson Mercer who can play sorta anywhere, but looks to be a top-6 forward with increasingly-rising stock after the draft. Tyce Thompson, Graeme Clarke? Hell, even Kuokkonen looks more deserving right now than Palmieri.

So where, in the name of god, do you stick Palmieri? Do you let an aging, shoot-first streaky and lazy veteran hockey player steal top-6 minutes from the kids? Top-line PP minutes? 

Signing Kyle Palmieri to anything longer than 2 years is a major step backwards for this franchise, and it’ll be a sad day if it happens

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I’ll be the first one to say no more excuses for Jack if Ruff keeps him with Sharongovich and Kuokkanen all game. I expect to see better results without him anchored to Palmieri. 

Nice pass by Merkley there. 

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