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GDT: Round 3 - The Quest for a Goal


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My 0-2 record be damned, let’s just score a goal. One, measly, simplistic idea. Puck, in  net, behind Ranger net minder.

oh and not get called back, that’d be nice.

stock up on alcohol, folks, we’re gonna need it.

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An Afternoon game....on a weekend....at the end of the season....when we're out of the playoff hunt....?  Yeah, this should end well.  

We lost 3-0 the first time and 4-0 last game....if it's 5-0 at the end of the 2nd period they should fire Lindy at intermission.  

Let's Go Devils.

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All the devils are at this point are nothing more than a few guys on ice skates trying to figure out why there are hockey sticks in their hands.  This is not a team, there just a bunch of fvcking losers existing on ice, nothing more.  Been a fan of this team for many many years.  Most pathetic “team” I’ve ever witnessed.  Truly have no fvcking clue what to do.

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