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GDT - Round 4 - JUST WIN - NYR at Devils 4/18 - 3pm MSG+

Satans Hockey

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2 minutes ago, devlman said:

The defending is garbage. Tennyson again. They run Blackwood and all they do is grab Rag players? Throw some punches!!

They run Blackwood? Our own handicapped guy was solely responsible for that near disaster. 

Yes they are spineless there is no doubt about that part, good luck on hoping that's going to change. But 13 is a pu&&y and was stopping well short of Blackwood.  

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Just now, Gunslinger27 said:

Wonder how Fitz is dealing with Circus

Drinking and thinking of ways to “weaponize our cap space” for the 3rd year running.

1 minute ago, slasher72 said:

Send both to the AHL right after the game. That's what a competent coach would do. 

Stop me if I’m wrong, but don’t the GMs make those calls? Not that your point isn’t valid or anything.

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