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GDT - Round 4 - JUST WIN - NYR at Devils 4/18 - 3pm MSG+

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I wouldn't say we were within inches of winning yesterday, but maybe we were within a...Foote   DM, if you need to ban me for that one, I understand

Another game, another example of where our underlying numbers were good but the result is a loss.  Getting really, really, REALLY tired of this. Good on Jack showing some emotion there.  That was


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34 minutes ago, Chimaira_Devil_#9 said:

Someone needs to GIF Jack flipping someone off at the end.


Yes I need that to go with this. 




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Jack trying to make a pass from the D-Zone instead of dumping it out on the power play was almost costly. 

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Just now, SterioDesign said:

oh man that move by hughes would have been legendary

That was crazy, if he ever starts finishing things like that he might be a good hockey player. 

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2 minutes ago, Gunslinger27 said:

trying to do too much, but he's really fired up


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Just now, SterioDesign said:

i dont care how this game end and what the negative nancies says. The guys fought hard and made this an amazing game to watch. They never give up

Win or lose, they came back and played with some balls. All we can really ask at this point.

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