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GDT: Devils @ Pens 7:00 4/20


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1 hour ago, NJDevils1214 said:

Yea, considering the impact of covid and that the season is lost anyway there is no point in them playing if they're injured. If we were pushing to win something, different story. It's 9 games, what do you hope to see by forcing Bratt to play injured for 9 games that we haven't seen the last 3 years? 

I don't want him to play injured, but I just don't understand the idea that 9 games at the end of this season is completely meaningless - if you follow that logic and we don't play our guys in the final 9 games of the season, then why would playing them in the first 9 games of next season be any different?  9 games is 9 games, regardless of when you play them. Yeah it'd be great if we were making the playoffs this season, but we're not, so why not still try to get something out of this otherwise lost season and use the final dozen games to see what we've got for next year?  Otherwise, like I said earlier, you're just delaying something that you eventually need to do, and we'd be testing out our players next year and wasting 10% of the season when we could just do it now and get it over with - you know, be ahead of schedule for once.

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Also...I saw the first goal where Murray knocked Wedge's stick out of his hands even though it didn't seem to affect the goal anyway, and now I just turned back to see it's THREE nothing?! Holy sh!t.  3 goals again in less than 9 minutes to begin the game.  


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Just now, mfitz804 said:

They scored two goals while I was putting on my shoes and walking 5 feet to my car.

I watch the games on my laptop and the two goals were literally scored while I minimized and muted the feed to bring up this webpage and write my last post where I quoted 1412. 

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