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GDT: What fresh hell is this? (NJD Vs PHI) 11pm BST..

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At first I was like "11pm? Wtf?" Then I saw who posted it lol

4th line making it look easy.  McLeod’s progress this season might be one of the most unexpected things that happened this year. 

And losers need to be purged.  Doesn't mean every last thing is their fault, but he clearly has not helped.

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Hughes with a questionable spin pass to nobody in particular and now we get to lose on a shootout. 

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This game went from a non-exciting win to break the streak to a completely infuriating pile of sh!t like every other game. 

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Can we pull the goalie and have a 2 on 0 on our turn?

Just now, NJDfan1711 said:

WHAT.  We don't have a single player on the roster that has scored in the shootout this year? WOW.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW.  fvck this coaching staff.

Come on, that’s not a coaching issue. 

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10 minutes ago, devlman said:

Damon Severson is always running out of position. So tired of him.

He was really bad tonight, offensively and defensively. If he was playing well tonight, he might have had a goal. Jack sets him up, and he screws it up.

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