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GDT Flyers @ Devils 4/29 @ 7pm msg+ nbcsn


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2 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

Correct.  In a previous thread I mentioned that I thought he was our future 3rd line RW with the ability to move up the lineup as necessary.  I believe that was underestimating him.   He kind of has the look of a full time top 6 on an actual good hockey team 

Oh my bad. I read it too quickly.

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Just now, Nicomo said:

I knew this was coming lol

Gotta give the people what they ask for lol. 

The real answer is, a lot better than Ty Smith, who has had an awful game. 

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Ugh Sharangovich misses the hat trick by inches. 

Blackwood shoulda had that. 

Smith in the box at the time, he had a contribution to all 3 Flyers goals. 

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Nico is either the hardest plying player we have or totally out of shape; never seen a guy as out of breath on the bench as he is after every shift. 

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Nice win. Sharangovich should be first star, Bahl played well (skates better than I anticipated), and Bratt scored one to negate Pavel’s goal in the race for me to not have to buy his jersey. 

Ty Smith had a bad game, he’s young, it happens. 

Blackwood looked pretty good, 3rd goal was stoppable, the other two were not. 

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