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The 2021 Offseason Thread


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2 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

We don't have many solutions to him with Bastian gone and Bahl probably not in the lineup

Bastian wasn’t a solution for Reaves anyway. Maybe one of our enormous defensemen. 

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11 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

Get the feeling Saad was the guy he really wanted.  And that he may consider Tarasenko, but strictly on his own terms.  This next move may not be coming for a while.

My only “oh sh!t” moment that will come from the Tarasenko sweepstakes is if the Isles or Rangers get him.

Yes, it 100% is little brother syndrome where I don’t want the Rangers to have nice things. They have one of their young goalies apparently asking for a trade and still need to lock up sh!tstick, but everyone wants to help the Rangers and I cringe at the idea of Doug Armstrong trading Tarasenko to them for Keith Kinkaid and retaining 50% of VTs salary or something freaking dumb.

As for the Islanders, kinda goes without saying but screw them.

I absolutely don’t want Fitz to pull out all the stops for the unknown commodity (health wise) but a nightmare would be for the NYR scenario to play out and the dude returns to hockey insanely healthy and lights it up.


9 minutes ago, Chimaira_Devil_#9 said:

Still punching, just above his weight with his incredibly attractive wife. 

And no I wouldn't say that to his face, I value my teeth. 

He’s probably laugh his ass off at the comment and agree with you. He’s pretty self deprecating on the Cam & Strick Podcast. 

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1 hour ago, Lateralous said:

The Hamilton deal looks more and more reasonable every day.   Fitz did a wonderful job this week.   

Yeah for sure.  We're no dummies of course...no matter what Dougie says, we know if not for the amount of money the Devils had to throw at him, he's not coming here.  And I have ZERO problem with that reality...we've all known that for several years now, the Devils have not been a desired destination for the big fish (and it's not like the Devils have tried to go all out and really snag any of them either lately, until now)...you HAVE to offer more than everyone else to get these guys to come here, especially as you're trying to rebuild both the team and your franchise's rep.  And to Shero and Fitz's credit, they've been setting themselves up for this moment for a while, and never really got squirrely about it...they could have easily thrown money at a couple of more meh UFAs just to satisfy the group of less patient fans who thought that ownership was being cheap, or simply wanted to see the Devils make a move for the sake of doing SOMETHING (regardless if the "something" made much sense).  PK was a bit of an exception, but to me was more of a "halfway" measure, in that I don't think Shero parted with anything he deemed painful to lose, and that at worst, the Devils were only going to be committed to PK for three years.  But credit to Fitz and his predecessor, in that this day doesn't happen if they weren't willing to stick to their plan.  And they still have plenty more cash to play with. 

14 minutes ago, MB3 said:

Can't really imagine the Rangers being in on Tarasenko. They're wing-heavy as it is, and are about to owe some people some MAJOR raises very soon. 

Islanders are likely, but they'll need STL to retain a lot of salary. I think the big thing right now is St. Louis evaluating whether they want to acquire a better return in exchange for retaining salary, or trade him to a team like the Devils for relative pennies but no money retained.

Tarasenko to the Rangers wouldn't totally shock me only because they can't seem to help themselves...they've had their share of top-heavy, glitzy-name teams that are heavily flawed and ultimately don't win much...as a team that fancies itself as the Yankees of the NHL, it's like they almost HAVE to be on a bigger name, just because.  They'd be better off just saving money for their own guys, because you're right, they're gonna need it.  

Yeah curious to see which way the Blues go with this...retaining money but getting something more legit back, or just dumping salary.  Tough call.  I'd probably want a player with a shot at a future myself.  

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9 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

I still think the Rangers have largely been quiet as they are angling to make a move on Eichel.  I think that will be their big splash this year.

I could see this too...if anything, they're probably smart to wait the Sabres out on this one.  That contract though (5 more years, $10 million AAV hit)...they better hope he's healthy.

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31 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

I still think the Rangers have largely been quiet as they are angling to make a move on Eichel.  I think that will be their big splash this year.

And hopefully they pay through the nose if they do. No bullsh!t like Philip Chytil and a 1st rounder. They better PAY. For once.

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