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7 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

Yup, another classic. We also have a lot of “why did I hear a helicopter” or “that plane was very low”. We’re in the flight pattern for Newark Airport. 

Dude! Okay so true story time: the Blue Angels were up in Buffalo last weekend for an airshow(a bunch of friends on Facebook were posting pictures). Sunday rolls around and one post catches my eye. The person was "recovering from the shock of their life" when a jet "made a low pass to a deafening roar" that caused them trauma similar to that they felt on 9/11.... from Buffalo.... They closed this wonderful post out with "I feel terrible for anyone who has to live where this is a daily occurrence, such machines should not exist."

Big F-you to Orville and Wilbur Wright, ladies and gentlemen.

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NHL on NBC Sports literally praising Mayfield's crosscheck on Kucherov like it was some amazing play helping his team "being in the middle of everything" rather than a crosscheck from behind to the hip (which he had a surgery for this year) that resulted in an injury.

I mean wtf

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