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Who do you want at #4OA? *It's Luke! *


Who do you want at #4?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want at #4?

    • Luke Hughes
    • Brandt Clarke
    • William Eklund
    • Matthew Beniers
    • Simon Edvinsson
    • Other

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2 hours ago, Chuck the Duck said:

To me, taking a flier on Logan Stankoven with the 29th pick makes sense.  He's undersized, but could turn into a guy like Point or DeBrincat.  Supposed to have tremendous skill that would have put him in the top 10 if he was 6 ft.  

I want him just for the fun I can have with the name Stank Oven. 

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Just now, DevilMinder said:

New jersey with a "Mistaken" space ?

It sounds like it could be both a positive AND a negative nickname, I see a lot of potential. 

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2 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

The funny thing about that is that it can actually be taken in a good and also in a bad way haha We could certainly have fun with that

Are we still doing this? Lol

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53 minutes ago, DevilMinder said:


I mean, that’s a good look for me…

14 minutes ago, Jerzey said:

If anyone has a stream for tonight I would appreciate it. Not sure why it’s broadcast on ESPN 2 but ESPN+ isn’t streaming it. 

@Guadana usually has a good stream.

Yes I am likely to be out on the road tonight so I will need to either stream it or listen on the radio. Stream would be preferable. 

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we must wait for a time

http://onhockey.tv/sportsbay.php?channel=45351 - you must use DNS

 Scouching will stream draft

https://onlinestreams.ru/hockey/46382-draft-nhl-2021.html - as I understand there will be a stream of the draft without any "restreaming"

https://live-nhl.stream/watch/nhl-network-free.html - nhl network. scroll down and use link #2. ADBLOCK ON

I will have more links when time will be closer.

https://vk.com/video-130557445_456239580 - you can try this link

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