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gdt: round 2 onwards. 11am ET


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2 hours ago, DevilMinder said:

For second round onwards. The#4oa thread is too encompassing at this point.

Lol that is certainly one way to describe it!

Some good prospects still available for round 2. Don't see the Devils trading into this round, but the top 10 drafting teams have some good options: Raty, Chibrikov, Pastujov, Pinelli, and (my pipe dram of a 3rd round pick) Stanislav Svozil.

Any chance a player like Scott Morrow falls into the third round?

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Larry Brooks: Source said that Seth Jones had told the Columbus Blue Jackets that he would only sign a contract extension with either the Dallas Stars or Chicago Blackhawks.

When the Stars dropped out of the trade talks, the Blue Jackets focused on a Blackhawks deal.


I still don't understand that deal for Chicago. The guy is ONLY willing to go to your team and he requested a trade. That's usually giving a lot more leverage to the acquiring team to lowball an offer knowing it's their only option. But no... they fvcking threw everything at him lol

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1 minute ago, MB3 said:

well no, but if the goal was to get rid of Voracek to get younger and cheaper (otherwise why get rid of one of your best scorers?) this is a head scratcher. 

I think they just wanted to shake up their core cause they were both not getting it done. Both guys still have something in the tank so one of those change of scenery thing id say

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1 minute ago, MB3 said:

I guess I don’t get it at all. Atkinson isn’t the type of guy to stay solid in his later years, and Philly is getting him for his age 32-36 seasons. Since turning 30, Atkinson has put up 60 points in 100 games. His immediate drop in point production directly coincides with one of the best players in the world leaving to play in New York. 

Voracek, meanwhile, has maintained relatively similar production throughout his elite, 0.75ppg career. Atkinson brings more sandpaper and all that good stuff to the lineup and it isn’t all about points, but this trade baffles me. 

Also excites me because Voracek destroys us.

Atkinson does too. And they both stayed within our division so...

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2 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

exactly who i wanted with this pick ❤️ 


I'm just kidding i have no idea who he is

this is a nice blurb from that link


(also his brothers are named Saku and Sami)



The hallmark of his game is his intelligence. Salminen sees plays developing several steps in advance and plans his every step accordingly, whether he has possession or not. He has that goal-scorer’s knack for finding the right place to set up shop, and his one- and two-touch finishing game never fails him. He’s every bit the credible shooting threat without the puck as he is with it. -EliteProspects 2021 NHL Draft Guide 



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