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The New Jersey Devils 2021-22 Regular Season Thread


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1 hour ago, Crisis said:

That's what they said about Coleman

Coleman was a great story, but also a major exception.  Most of what's currently down at Utica isn't going to make much of a long-term impact here, no matter how many games they win in the AHL.  Mostly guys who've become good enough to put up nice enough numbers to have Pucks & Pitchforks guys saying "This guy's gotta get called up NOW!", but when we see them up here, we realize that they are what they are (AAAA players).  You just hope some of them can be decent call-ups, if asked to fill in for injured guys.  

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3 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

Zetterlund back to Utica

He’s one of those guys.  Don’t ever really see him making much of an impact as an NHLer.

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