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2021 NFL Season


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On 2/5/2022 at 4:04 PM, '7' said:

It just feels strange, that the Cincinnati Bengals (and good for them, nothing against them) have reached the Super Bowl before I even got a chance to see the Jets get to one. Even the Bengals get their day in the sun before us. 

I can see them putting a scare into LA, but I think the Rams take this 27-16

Not only did Cincinnati put a scare into the Rams, they had this game in their hands, and didn't execute at key times. The officiating hurt Cincinnati on the final LA drive (weak defensive holding call, bad personal foul call on what was a good hit). But the Bengals did get that break on a TD that should have been offensive pass interference to start the second half.

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Not really the team you wanted to win but certain individuals (Stafford, Kupp, Donald) you can be happy for.  It is telling that two years in a row the offensive line was exposed as the losing team's main weakness though the Bengals damn near overcame it somehow, going back to the Titans game.

I had no idea Donald was even thinking of retiring though...he's definitely got a few more good years left but maybe it's the perfect time for him to go considering he already has a HOF resume AND a SB now, might as well get out with some more health.

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