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2021 NJDevs Survival Football - BIG BLUE WINS


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Hi all,

Better late than never, let’s get survival going.    Join and get your picks in for the 1p game tomorrow!

Pick one team to win each week, 2 strikes and you’re out.   





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We start the season with 6, and I already took my first strike...   seems about right.

A' majestic, Big Blue, dd56 and Eaglejelly went with the 49ers over the Lions... the 49ers took this one 41-33
Henriqued went with the Rams, who defeated the Bears 34-14.

Then there's Aylbert, who took a strike, as the Ravens lost in OT to the Raiders, 33-27.


On to week 2...  


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Week 2: Browns and a Brady

Week 2 saw a concentration in the Browns as they defeated the Texans 31-21.  Everyone except A' Majestic went with them.     A's went with Brady's Buc's as they defeated the Falcons 48-25.

On to week 3!

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Week 3: Broncos abound

Week 3 we saw  A's Majestic, Big Blue, DD56 and Eaglejelly go with the Broncos who shut out the Jets, 26-0/   Henriqued went with the Cardinals who defeated the hapless Jaguar, 31-19.  Aylbert went with the Bengals, who defeated the Steelers 24-10.

Ok, caught up to week 4.

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Week 4: Some 3v3

Week saw 3 teams (A's Majestic, DD56, EagleJelly) select Buffalo who shutout the Texans 40-0, and three teams (Aylbert, Henriqued, Big Blue) select the Bengals who narrowly beat the Jaguars 24-21.  No matter, a win is a win.  And everyone won.    

Week 5 here we come.

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Week 5

In week 5 we saw Big Blue, DD56, and Eaglejelly go with the Bucs who defeated the Dolphins 45-17.
Henriqued had the Steelers over the Broncos, 27-19
A's Majestic went with the Cowboys, who defeated the Giants 44-20
Aylbert, flirting with an early exit already, had the Patriots who NARROWLY beat the Texans 25-22

Week 6 coming up!


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Week 6, Easy week.

This week we saw Big Blue and DD56 go with the Rams, who handed the Giants a 38-11 beat down.
We also saw Eaglejelly,  henriqued and Aylbert go with the Colts who shot up the Texans, 31-3
A's Majestic went with the Chiefs who beat the Washington Football Team 31-13

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Week 7: Bye Aylbert

Aylbert went with the Panthers over the Giants, who won 25-3...  the Giants won that is... so bye Aylbert!  His first loss came in week 1 with the Ravens OT loss to the Raiders.

BigBlue went with the Packers as they defeated Washington 24-10
Eaglejelly went with the Rams who won 28-19 against the Lions
A's majestic and DD56 went with the Cardinals who defeated the Texans with a fun score of 31-5
and Henriqued rolled with the Patriots who smacked the Jets 54-13.

Bring on week 8...  Aylbert, stay home.


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Week 8: A trio of losers, almost a quartet

Big Blue went with the Bills over the Dolphins, 26-11

from there, things got dicey to bad.

Eaglejelly went with the Chiefs, who narrowly defeated the Giants 20-17.

A's Majestic and DD56 picked the Bengals, but the Jets stormed back for a 4th quarter comeback, 34-31
Henriqued went with the Chargers, but the Patriots also won by 3 - 27-24.
This was the first strike for all three.


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Week 9: Only one

Week 9 was rough. 
A's Majestic still salty over his loss (clearly), bailed and exits the game with a no-selection for his second strike.
Eaglejelly, DD56 and Henrique went with the Cowboys who lost to the Broncos 30-16.  It was Eaglejelly's first strike, but DD56 and Henrique's second strike.

Only BigBlue picked right this week, as the Colts won 45-30 against the Jets.

On to week 10 with Big Blue (no strikes) vs EagleJelly (1 strike).

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Week 10: It's Over, BIG BLUE WINS BY LOSING!

Ok, so this wasnt drawn out at all.     Neither picked right this week, but Big Blue was flawless through week 9.
Eaglejelly went with the Cardinals who lost to the Panthers 34-10 for his second strike.

it didnt matter what BigBlue did, as he had no strikes.  But he went with the Ravens who lost to the Dolphins 22-10.


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