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NJDevs 2021-22 FHL


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Welcome to the NJDevs 2021-22 FHL!     

Invite renewals have been sent out and rosters have been updated to reflect ineligible keepers.  If you notice any errors on your roster or others, please let me know.  It's a rather manual process to sort through.

The draft date is Wednesday October 6th, 8PM ET The keeper deadline is Monday October 4th 3AM ET You may keep up to 3 players in place of your round 21, 22 and 23 picks.   Unfortunately, Yahoo does not support keeper tools on its mobile app.    You will need to do it on a PC or using your phones web browser (not the Yahoo Sports App).   

There is a 4th keeper for an RFA. This will be for player who has played no more than 100 games (100 games played = RFA eligible keeper, 101 games = RFA ineligible).   Standard keeping rules apply; so the player would need to have been drafted in the 6th round or later.   This keeper, just as all others, is completely optional and will be at the cost of your last available draft pick.    So you can still trade your 20th round pick and later decide to keep a 4th player if you desire.

There are no rule changes this year.  Hopefully we can get a full 82 game season in!

Next Steps!!!
Now's the time to review your rosters and figure out your keeper situation.  Trades are permitted; but you can only trade this years draft picks and pick counts must be even.     Remember, you can only keep 3 (or 4 with RFA) players and they must be from Round 6 or later.

We will also be rewarding draft order by finish of last year.    Red, once again, you get to pick first on your quest for a 3peat!

Draft Order Selection

1.   Dynamo Nation - redruM-->  1st
2.  NJDefenders - NJDEVS1730--> 7th
3.   Kneel Before Saad --> 2nd 

4.   Zamboni Warriors - krunko7--> 14th
5.  London Monarchs--> 10th
6.  Squirtle Squad - Henriqued--> 13th
7.   Sworn Defenders - Aylbert--> 3rd
8.   One More Tank - LOTCB--> 4th
9.   Mantaray - MantaRay--> 5th
10.   Miles Wood Fightclub - NQDevil--> 6th

11.   Zajac-ing Off - Devilsfan118 --> 12th
12.   Hard Pass - devlman --> 11th
13.  Eaglejelly - Eaglejelly--> 8th
14.  Wolverines!!! - DevilMinder--> 9th 

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I'll take the 7th pick.

How would people feel about making this a paid league? I was thinking we could each chip in $50 or something and then at the end of the year we can pay the top few spots and donate a percentage of the pot to the site to help with maintenance fees.

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I'm going to be honest guys, I'm 50-50 this year.  I will go ahead and draft if my spot isn't able to be filled but I'm just not going to be able to play the waiver wire game like you have to in a league this big with the keepers being what they are.  

If we're going money league, I'll definitely bow out.  I'll happily donate to the site as I usually do otherwise though.

I also believe @Ralliart90 is not interested in playing this year.

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12 minutes ago, devlman said:

Yeah im not putting in money in a league where my draft spot is against me from the getgo. 

Like, not to beat a very-much-so-dead horse here, but 7 of the top 10 players in the league are keepers.  17 of the top 25.  Granted, I've got two of them so I probably should just keep my mouth shut.

Pick #3 in the draft gets you the 11th best player.  14th and 15th picks get you the 36th/37th best players.  Spoiler alert: If you're drafting in spots 3-14 in the first round you're screwed.

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Definitely not a pay league.   We can always donate to the board though.

The keepers were and are a feature.  The first round talent should be weaker in a dynasty league because of that continuity year over year.      


We only allow 3, I am in another league of the same size where you keep 5, have an RFA, and keep 5 taxi players full of rookies.


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I’m with @Devilsfan118on the situation. I’m not very into playing the waiver everyday. I get that’s a key factor to the game, but I don’t really have the time during the day to keep up to date with it. As much as I enjoy having Brayden Point as a keeper, I’d be more then happy to do something to shake things up for the keepers situation.

Idk. I may honestly back out this season. Take a year or two off and see if there’s a spot later on.

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I don’t agree with the daily maintenance needed for this league.   It’s a roto league, so if you’re keeping on top of injuries you shouldn’t need to add/drop from waivers daily like you would in a daily H2H league.

However, if you fall behind in a roto league it’s hard to right the ship because it’s about stats accumulated over 82 games moreso than how your team does the last few weeks of the season, pulling an upset championship from the last playoff slot.

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Waiver wire can help & hurt

sometimes I find players that end up helping a lot & often I’ll drop a player who started slow ends up with another team & has a great year  so being a waiver wire addict is good & bad

IMHO the key to winning this league ( other than avoiding injury of your stars)  is finding a few 5 tool players  in rounds 10-15 (players that get hits blocks a medium point scorer & maybe some SHP ) 

And donot make dumb trades when a star starts slow

inhave done that way too often 🤦🏻

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One More Tank is back and I will take the 4th pick.

just to note as most of you know I’m a Sabres fan: made the ‘One More Tank’ named the year AFTER the Sabres drafted Jack Eichel in 2015: I’ve wanted to change it but every year the same rule applies for the Sabres: One more tank is STILL needed and waiving goodbye to Eichel, just sad all around. And it’s 2021. Sigh. 

Albert as for getting new people into the league the league you and I are both in maybe there are some that might be interested but I leave that decision to you totally 







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