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2021-2022 Around the League thread


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1 minute ago, Fansinz88 said:

Change the assistants and leave ruff as last resort. Both assistants have to be shown the door immediately. 

Should've already happened, but I'm just to the point where I wonder how much longer before it finally fvcking happens.

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1 minute ago, DevsMan84 said:

I am not against the idea of Maurice, but he just seems like another coach like Ruff where the game seems to have passed him by (though not to Ruff's degree).

I would be welcome to Torts simply because I feel like this team has had too much of a country club atmosphere for too long.  Even if he gets sh!t-canned after a season or two I am down for it.  At best it leads to more wins under Torts.  At worst the management can use the threat of hiring another Torts-like coach if they let up again.

Sadly I'll probably soon reach the point where I'll be saying "Oh, he's Not-Ruff?  Good enough for me, give 'im a shot!"

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You can get about 3 seasons out of tortarella. After that not much more. But I bet things will be much better by then with a lot of improvement sooner than later. Easy street and acceptable garbage is long over played with this team. It’s time to make the decision to get better fast now. 

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1 hour ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

Yeah at this point just end any talk of the Olympics, and keep that period open for makeup games.  Gotta think many more postponements are coming.

Re:  Maurice, does he not want to coach period, or did he no longer want to coach the Jets?  Until we have a definitive answer that he absolutely is done with coaching, I'm open to the idea of him coaching the Devils.  

It seems like he was a bit burned out in general at the very least.


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4 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

At this point I feel like its all or nothing. Replacing Ruff and leaving the other two in place makes little to no sense at all. 

Someone get me Travis Zajac, Patrik Elias, and an experienced head coach. I'd like to give that a shot through the end of the year.

I wouldn't do that to a new head coach for two reasons. They have zero experience other than being good soldiers in the sweater and more importantly I'm giving the head coach the ability to pick his own staff. I don't think saddling him right off the bat is the right call, plus I would bet some marbles it turns off some if not all of the experienced guys who might consider coming here. 

I hate the we're building a family theme (certainly not at you Mfitz) that's being sold by the org, f*ck friends. Bring in someone who's going to drive the bus and not be afraid to curb stomp some feelings along the way and gtfo of their way. If Travis and Patrik eventually want to get into coaching that's great now is certainly not the time, start in the A or jump on board once this ship has been righted for a few years running not taking on water for the umpteenth(sp) year in a row.  (Even then I'm not a proponent, same goes for Marty).  

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52 minutes ago, jagknife said:

Rumors of the NHL players opting out of the Olympics

Some already stated they aren't going, regardless of their decision.  I don't see how they can go when they need to make up a bunch of games..

I get it's the olympics, but you're on lockdown when your there which really sucks.

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2 hours ago, bobilly45 said:

Some already stated they aren't going, regardless of their decision.  I don't see how they can go when they need to make up a bunch of games..

I get it's the olympics, but you're on lockdown when your there which really sucks.

My apologies, I meant as a whole, none of them are going. Not just the ones opting out

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I very much dislike being doused in beer, I would have been pissed. I remember one Rangers/Devils game around 1995 or 1996 where the drunken Rangers fans behind us kept spilling their beer on us. Multiple times throughout the game. It was one of the weirdest nights I ever had going to a game. 

To their credit, they hooked us up all night to apologize. Soft drinks and food, every time they went to the concourse they brought us something. End of the night they tried to give us $50 for “dry cleaning” even though we had only machine washable clothing on. We refused, and as we were standing up to leave they tossed it on my chair and left. 

I wasn’t gonna chase them and I wasn’t gonna leave it there…

Was after that game that I saw, and accidentally got involved in, the worst parking lot brawl I ever saw. As I tried to walk around it, a drunk a-hole in a Sabres jersey of all things grabs me by the jersey and starts wrestling with me. I still remember the crazy look on his face, he looked like he was going to kill me yet he was drunk, uncoordinated and weak. 

He got a nice parking lot nap. 

We drove back to Staten Island and for whatever reason, mostly because it’s what you do on Staten Island, we went to a diner. We had fries and whatever else and when we asked for the bill, she told us that one of the regulars, who was there by himself, thought we were very well behaved for young people and he paid our check. 

I left a tip and we went over to his table to thank him, and he stared back at us and didn’t say a word. Didn’t move, didn’t blink, just stared. We knew he could talk because he had told the waitress why he paid our check, but he just never said a word. 

We left convinced he was going to follow us and kill us, my girlfriend (now wife) made me take an alternate route until we were comfortable we weren’t being followed. 

Went home, smelling like beer, a little blood on my jersey, and exhausted. My dad takes one look at me and says “rough night, huh?”.



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