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2021-2022 Around the League thread


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14 hours ago, SterioDesign said:

So i'm currently eating crows as.. when MTL hired St-Louis as a coach. I like him but was like... "they are a terrible team who'd need all the experience in the world to help them... i can't see how hiring a dude who've only been coaching peewee hockey for a few years able to turn this around"

Yet, since he's there they have been playing a lot better and currently beating the Leafs 5-0.

Obviously i doubt it will last but still. Ideally if they can actually turn things around next season so that they don't land Bedard i'd be fvcking delighted, let him go as far as possible from here. like Arizona or wtv



*Gasp* You mean making an in-season move to improve the team is allowed!!??!!!

Say it ain't so!!

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15 hours ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

I thought Hutton was just on waivers. I wonder why Toronto didn’t just put in a claim. 

The way that waivers work is that if a player clears they are exempt for a period of 30 days so can be moved around without the risk of a claim for that period. 

So if the leafs had traded for Hutton but wanted him for depth and needed to send him to the AHL they would have then had to risk exposing him to send him down and lose him and what they had traded. 

If they let Arizona send him down, someone might claim him. But they haven't lost anything trying to acquire him if he is then subsequently claimed when the Leafs try to send him down. 

The fact this is future considerations makes it a little more obscure. 

But imagine if Toronto had traded a 7th for Hutton , who they planned to use for AHL depth.  Once they get him they have to expose him on waivers to go to the AHL.  The Devil's need a goalie and see he is on Waviers and make a claim and pick him up. 

The Leafs are now down a 7th and don't have Hutton. 

If they let him go through waviers before the trade and he gets claimed by the Devils , they haven't lost that 7th rounder. 

And if he clears and then they trade then they can move him around as the please for a month. 

This only really happens to players who are coming for depth in the minor leagues. If he was making their main roster it's just a straight claim. 

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1 hour ago, MB3 said:

Lyubushkin was the big piece in that deal. They were always going to expose Dzingel and had a good feeling he'd be picked up. 

I feel like an “exposed Dzingel” joke is in order, but I can’t think of one, so I’ll just say exposed Dzingel and laugh. 

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