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GDT: Devils @ Rangers 7PM (Preseason)


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Can’t get mad about this…not like the Devils iced a lineup designed to win.  Sure the Rangers and their dopey fans will act like they somehow showed the Devils something though.

Of course, funny how nASS is doing lots of talking during the timeout, and the Rangers quickly score another goal.  Why is that guy still here?

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Just now, SterioDesign said:

i still dont like him.

Right there with ya

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Well at least Sam just pointed out that the Devils are indeed not playing a lot of their better players.  

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4 minutes ago, pumpkin cutter said:

I like torture so I’m gonna continue watching 

If anything, you can see why a number of these “been here a while” youngins probably won’t figure into this team’s long-term plans.  And that’s ok…some guys are AHLers who get callups when better players miss games.  Not like every AHL player on your farm team is a top-notch legit prospect.

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33 minutes ago, Crisis said:

Love how the Rangers probably aren't going to have Reeves for their first game this season and I hope Tom Wilson makes them look like absolute clowns again.

The Rags keep pestering Subban lol. It’s like ever since Wilson owned them, they’re hell bent on showing everyone how tough they are 🤣

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To be fair, I honestly don't remember or noticed Subban doing it much in NJ but he does have a history of slewfoot and I get why the Rangers are this upset. Just gotta youtube "Subban slewfoot" and there's plenty of examples.

Not going to pretend that i think or know that he did it on purpose today or not, i have no idea and it's irrelevant. But if you want to believe that he did it on purpose, that's what you'll see (and what they are seeing). He did extend his leg like he does in this video many many times though. Could be completely accidental this time but the Rangers are not in a frame of mind to be rational right now



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