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Hughes back tonight against Sharks!


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1 hour ago, MB3 said:

Gusev was exiting his prime, and then had a ridiculously long and weird pandemic off-season where he didn’t get to skate much. 

Sharangovich and Kuokkonen are 23 years old. They should be entering their prime. This isn’t a “slump” for them, this is night-in and night-out being the worst players on the ice. 

Unfortunately as we well know, not everyone automatically progresses (or even maintains)...and some guys can sharply regress (or be exposed for who they really are...anyone can overachieve for a limited stretch).  Like mfitz said about Sharangovich, he basically had about 6 good weeks...I was optimistic that he was going to be a solid contributor going forward, but he's been so nonexistent so far this season that with each passing game, it really feels like he's absolutely as "flash-in-the-pan" as it gets.  It would be one thing if he was getting prime scoring opportunities that will eventually start to find the net, but I'm not seeing that from him at all.    

Teams watch tape and figure out how to take a guy's production away, guys can mistakenly automatically assume that the next step is just going to come (and then it doesn't)...sh!t happens.  But these are the guys who are going to get cast aside sooner than later, if they don't start to show something...these guys aren't on "gotta play" contracts.  A guy making $5 - 6 million is going to get plenty of chances.  $2 million, not quite as many.

Would be nice if some of the players at Utica could help, but no impact-types there, really, even with the gaudy record.     

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In my heart I know one player doesn’t make the difference, but I feel like Jack’s return could be a huge lift for this team. They didn’t totally sh!t the bed in his absence, Mercer has filled that role admirably, now Bastian who was a well liked guy is back, and now Jack is poised to return. 

I just feel like it could be a huge “let’s fvcking go” type moment. 

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