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GDT: Devils @ San Jose 10:30 PM MSG+


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2 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

Very impressed with Bratt last night and tonight so far. He deserved all the criticism earlier this season, but the “done with him” takes really were ridiculous. 

You mean judging a guy based on his play in only 5 games may not be accurate??

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Extremely lucky not to be down on the scoreboard.

Another stellar period from Severson.

Funny how easily opponents get golden opportunities in front…in the areas that the Devils often can’t seem to sniff.


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Just now, jagknife said:

Oh good, intermission we get to hear how braindead nASS is

He might as well just say “Duuuuuuuuuh”.  Or at the very least, start each sentence that way.

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“Off the wall to your D partner” wow, such insight, what an amazing system, I’m flabbergasted at why it sucks big floppy donkey….

EDIT: yes I know it’s an over simplification of the power play but the fact that this brain dead idiot has ANY say on the PP, let alone any aspect of this team, astonishes me

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