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GDT: Golden Knights @ Devils 12/16 7pm


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30 minutes ago, Jerrydevil said:

I wonder what Amanda Stein is thinking?

What shoes am I gonna wear to White Castle tonight?

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2 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

I believe that’s now 1-8-1 in their last 10? I’m done with Fitz at this point if he doesn’t shake things up. Even if the season is lost get these fvcking coaches away from the kids. 

That puss Fitz won’t do sh1t, I don’t even think he watches these games. Well he must not because these coaches would have been gone by now. 

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6 minutes ago, Jerrydevil said:

I don't like Larry Brooks but I'd roll out the red carpet for him to cover this team now. 

The Devils are so nonphysical that Cangy and Dano are talking about Vesey's hit on Whitecloud as some kind of seminal moment. These guys are enablers.

Pretty much everything to do with this franchise sucks right now, including the media that covers them. It’s all team controlled propaganda. 

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10 hours ago, CarpathianForest said:

Hey at least Geertsen showed more heart and anger in 39 seconds than this whole team has in the past 10 games

You mean this guy?


MR CLARK! SOME GUY'S BEATIN UP KID RAY Movie Memer on Twitter Meme I  Created From Lean on Me Poor Kid | Lean Meme on ME.ME

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1 minute ago, ajsgolf said:

Keep: Hughes, Hamilton, Mercer, Zacha, Bratt, Vesey, Hischier, Johnsson ( sometimes)

Throw out: Everyone else

Did I miss anyone?

I’d keep Graves.  

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Just now, Fansinz88 said:


Graves over zacha, bratt and Johnsson. 

Didn’t say that.  I’d keep him in addition to the others.

I can’t give up on Smith just yet either, but he needs a lot of work and/or help.  He’s just lost right now.

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