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GDT: Devils @ Boston 7:00 PM MSG+


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1 minute ago, Nicomo said:

Jack’s stick is literally knocked out of his hands RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE OFFICAL…no call. 

fvcking clown show 

The officiating is just off the charts bad. It’s not fan bias when we honestly get shafted on an atrocious call at least once a game.

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that was weak.  Blindly flinging the puck the length of the ice didn't help there either and putting them on their heels having to put Blackwood back in goal. Turn the page, they cost themselves this one. Nobody else to blame here.

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Just now, MadDog2020 said:

He should be. Another bullsh!t missed call. There are about 22 per game.

I would really love to see a Devils coach finally blow a gasket about this.  

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Just now, Jerrydevil said:

Cangelosi calling it an empty net goal by mistake, hahaha! Just a brutal game by Blackwood. Three softies, it's just too hard to overcome.

Lmao I caught that too.  Deadwood’s pretty damned close to an empty net these days.

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