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GDT: Devils @ Boston 7:00 PM MSG+


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1 minute ago, Fansinz88 said:

What is with this nonsense with sal and a stick again? Just stop this please. 

Like really, there has to be something less awkward for him to point with. Like a pointer. 

Actually, a foam finger would be perfect. 

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Our “#1 goalie” is a head-case who can’t play a full 60 minutes of quality hockey to save his life 

You would think our captain plays TE or RB in the NFL rather than center in the NHL as much as he gets injured 

our biggest ever FA signing is now out for the second time before we even hit the midway point of the season 


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This team is so bush league from head to toe. The NHL should institute relegation just so this team can be moved to he minors. I feel like George Costanza when he yelled at Steinbrenner. This once glorious organization is now a laughing stock and considered a gimme by any other team




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