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GDT: Devils @ Boston 7:00 PM MSG+


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24 minutes ago, Fansinz88 said:

What is with this nonsense with sal and a stick again? Just stop this please. 


23 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Like really, there has to be something less awkward for him to point with. Like a pointer. 

Actually, a foam finger would be perfect. 

Quickly slapped together a few options. What do you guys prefer?

  2086614866_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_14_43PM.thumb.png.9edb277bc6189e0093112962ad45de9b.png1204600419_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_08_18PM.thumb.png.8fe3b7b1a093c7fdd92702ac2019fc9b.png860498342_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_09_17PM.thumb.png.1e82d4b35fd84c1ba0d038b46ca2f39b.png1352129113_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_18_18PM.thumb.png.52682344b3f21b448abfafe3f5ee6c0d.png1033668058_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_11_32PM.thumb.png.b544fc4ad1d1e5ba56a1955665d23721.png460214943_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_17_16PM.thumb.png.d808d67ff01a504438ee8f7de3964e91.png963976041_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_12_30PM.thumb.png.a159d6cc4de33f8030b36284cabfc711.png 1281195362_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_19_22PM.thumb.png.50c52eaa3cf5cc1624dcf9bfbe8e1a68.png1156381869_ScreenShot2022-01-04at9_20_56PM.thumb.png.3ab99d5e68bb2e6fb375d0b9ef8895b9.png


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Just now, CarpathianForest said:

Where's the giant dildo?

Playing for the Bruins and wearing #63.

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