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GDT: COYOTES @ DEVILS 1/19/22 7pm MSG+


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1 minute ago, MadDog2020 said:

Nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens. Fitz seems content to just let sh!t burn. 

He’s got a five year plan…

What is it?  Don’t win?

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4 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Pull the goalie down by 3, why not. Should’ve made it 10 minutes instead of 3. 

There's no quit in this team my friend.

"can't be mad about the way you played this game for the most part" my boy Dano sums it up for us all.

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Just now, slasher72 said:

Dano... "you cant be mad at the way you played"

His homerism is beyond ridiculous 

This is the type of comment that symbolizes what a joke this organization is. There's just no need for it, clearly you're not going to say hey they sucked balls even though they did. However to throw out the endless sh!t they do it absurd. Oh well burn yet another tape and turn another page while pi$$ing away another season.

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3 minutes ago, slasher72 said:

I sort of enjoyed watching Zacha coast around the ice with his "fvck it" attitude. He really epitomizes bad first round selection 

Look at  first and second round of zacha draft. He is by far the worst of the players in the nhl and we took him 6th overall! Haha! 

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1 minute ago, slasher72 said:

The entire organization is an embarrassment. GM, coaching staff, players who are underperforming...from top to bottom. 

Time to clean house. 

I’m in complete agreement with you but even if they clean house what will that accomplish?  This is no different than the majority of the last 12-15 years or so, closer to 15.  What or when will anything ever change?

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