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GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7:00 PM MSG+


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13 minutes ago, Jimmy Leeds said:

Unsolicited personal attacks against family members from fellow fans for no reason does tend for people to get pissed. I don't know, call me a radical 

What’d I miss, whose family members were personally attacked?

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4 hours ago, SterioDesign said:

Oh right right right, they booed "the team" so they didn't boo him.... lol You're aware he's part of the team right? What kind of logic is that? There's no fabrication there.

And booing is a fvcking LOSER thing to do too. People can boo if they want still, but when they start crying when then someone call them out on it. That's incredibly childish. Again, if you dish you better be able to take

And if you don't agree that's fine, just my opinion

I’ve suggested this before, and I don’t mean this offensively because you don’t seem unintelligent, but look into one of those self-improvement courses, preferably one offered on Logic or philosophy. It will help your ability to frame an argument much better.

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Just now, MB3 said:

not going to get involved in the one of VERY few arguments on this forum I've had no part in, but RWTD has been here for like 10 years and is one of the best members this place has to offer lol. 

I definitely recognize his name. I appreciate the fact that he lives his life like there’s no tomorrow. 

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2 hours ago, DevsMan84 said:

Oh look, another thread where SD fights against everyone and claims he is the only sane one.

No Its The Children Who Are Wrong GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

1 hour ago, DevilMinder said:

Confused Superbowl GIF by Republic Records


Anyone else click into a thread and just get lost, I haven't even hit the sauce yet.



I feel like game day threads the.. uh, day after the games... are always a crapshoot.

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You guys are all bringing the funny.  A lot of A-games on display and I really mean it.  Thank you all for the chuckles!

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