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I can't be the only one


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So first of all I'm a primary Preds fan (boo hiss yes I know) from Australia.


But, for whatever crazy reason I have become a McLeod fan (again boo hiss I get it). There's just something about the plucky Canadian who in no way should have ever made the #12 pick and how he just skates his little heart out (again I am aware of his current motivation level appearing on par with a Koala bear) that for the last 2 seasons I've been following the Devils as much (if not more than) nashville.


While I'm hoping McLeod stays on the team I know he's less than universally liked and probably more the ambivalent player on the 4th line which at least isn't PK level (no I didn't not come over because of PK and wish he would put in performances like we saw in 16-17 for the devs right now)

Unlike many Aussies I have an interest in game worn jerseys and currently sit at 5 McLeod with a dreaded  Jersey Jersey on preorder with Meigray.


Please be kind lol

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