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GDT: Devils @ Seattle 10:00PM MSG+


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7 hours ago, RunninWithTheDevil said:

I'm going to once again bring up my crowd-funded "FIRE NAS+RECCHI" billboard on McCarter Highway

Start a go fund me and post it to the devils all day all night facebook group, a lot of blind gremlins in that group would probably put up their money

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On 4/17/2022 at 6:42 AM, Fansinz88 said:

The most losses the franchise has had since 1987 I believe. These coaches simply cannot stay. 

Holy sh!t, is that really the case?  I was actually going to look up the last few seasons because, although this season hasn't been great by any stretch, it still feels like we've made some progress in some areas (mostly goal scoring), and that we're at least trending upward....but then I started to question myself and wonder if we really were finishing with a better record than previous years.  Seems you just confirmed it, and the standings would suggest....that indeed we are not.  It's amazing that we scored 7 goals four or five times this year because on almost any other team that would show true progress and they would have a decent record.  But not us.  Our special teams  (both of them) are pure garbage, our defense isn't much better, and our goaltending is horrible, mostly due to injuries, but even a Blackwood/Bernier tandem doesn't give us a bonafide starter.  So all things considered, we are actually regressing, and that's truly remarkable given how bad this team already has been over the last 5 seasons or so.  They are setting the bar very, very low.

At this point I understand there's no point in firing them with 7 games left to go, but they absolutely have to be fired the second the clock hits 0:00 after our last game.  Zero forgiveness or understanding if they are not.  Fire all of those mother fvckers and don't look back.

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