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2022 Stanley Cup playoffs thread


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F the Canes. They deserve this for our two minute meltdown in 2006. Raanta is so bad. 

If the Rags win this game they'll likely win the Cup. Everything is going their way this year. And then we get to hear all the bandwagon fans beat their chest and rub it in everyone's faces. Cant wait. 

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2 minutes ago, MB3 said:

likely win the cup? 

tampa is 4 times better than anyone they’ve played yet. and colorado is probably better than tampa. 

i’ll bet my mortgage on them not winning the cup this year.

Gotta agree. It's possible but still unlikely. However, knowing the Rags' luck this year it still wouldn't be surprising

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2 minutes ago, slasher72 said:

I'd like to see Trouba get some karma in the next round vs Tampa. Guy is such a cheap shot a$$hole.

Just came to say this. I turned the game off, but I just saw on Twitter Jarvis won’t be returning. I hope Hedman or Kucherov puts him through the fvcking glass. 

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