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What to do with #2?


What should we do with the pick?  

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  1. 1. What should we do with the pick?

    • Draft Slafkovsky
    • Draft Nemec
    • Draft Jiricek
    • Trade down
    • Trade for immediate help
    • Draft Cooley
    • Other

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3 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

Fitz chose Nemec over DeBrincat.

Let that sink in.

If we didn’t pick Nemec and he turned into a Makar type in three years, you’d be the first one complaining. You sound ridiculous. 

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Just now, RunninWithTheDevil said:

I'll bet $50 you have your annual meltdown and run back to Reddit before the season even starts

The hell are you talking about loser? Lol. I don’t post on Reddit.  I think in 10 years I have a grand total of like 20-30 posts in there LMAO

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3 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

Even Hischier wasn’t the consensus BPA lol.

At least one scout had Makar #1 on their list.  Nemec isn’t.

Hahaha, the one scout you keep referencing was from a group who picked Nico as their selection for first overall. You are contradicting yourself. 

Also Nemec was 2nd overall pick on 4 scouting lists. 

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Just now, MB3 said:

David Conte isn't still here, and this is the group that took Nico over Nolan, took Mercer in the middle of the first round and just took the best defenseman on the board. You fvcking idiots are acting like he took a guy projected in the mid second round. 

Yeah and has a GM that has made one good move during free agency during his tenure. Expect him to do a whole lot of nothing since apparently he thinks our solution is with our current roster 

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Just now, CarpathianForest said:

Not sure of the guarantee of Debrincat but Fitz couldn't have checked with other teams to see if they wanted a 2 overall for a talented NHL d-man? Okay, Nemec is rhd but so what?

And if Fitz did? You're saying this with literally 0 insight into what is actually going on behind the scenes. You're armchair GM'ing it's fun but relax

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