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Funding and a future Website Move


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1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

That, as they say, is gonna leave a mark. 

A fish hook, to be precise.

But yeah gonna be one hell of a scar.

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5 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

Definitely more Quint or Hooper than Chief Brody lol. 

No horrible high-pitched screamin’ here.  Just “How in fvck did I manage THAT?!”

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4 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

Short answer:  being incredibly clumsy.

Longer answer:  I was speed-walking in a parking lot near my hotel and came across a low-slung chain fence with a metal sign affixed to the middle of it.  Somehow I managed to trip over the sign, and when I got back up saw what I’d done and thought “Oh fvck, not good”.  Had to go to the ER to get stitched up…deepest cut that I’ve ever gotten.  Oddly it didn’t hurt all that much…but my hotel bathroom looked like a crime scene by the time the ambulance came.  Originally I was going to drive myself to the hospital but the bleeding quickly had me changing tactics.

What did the sign say? "ACME Razorblade and Barbed Wire Factory Ahead"?

10 hours ago, MB3 said:

will also send cash at the end of the week. just bought 4 Iphone 13s basically for free.

do you take venmo? 



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On 7/8/2022 at 5:24 PM, DevilMinder said:

With many of you about to take the summer off from hockey I thought I would post this.

The funds for the site have dried up again. We had a few very nice donations to end and start this year which got us all the way to July.

I have found a few hosts that are cheaper to use and I am hoping future funds (either mine or donated) will help make our money last longer. The website software is up for renewal and we are a few versions behind now. I turned ads of because they were paying literal pennies a month so it wasn't worth the hassle or screen distractions.

Amazon is averaging 15$ a month in income but declining again, with Prime Day deals coming up please remember to use the amazon referral link when shopping (its free and I can't see who bought the items!)

Thanks again, and let us Pray for Nemec being amazing (And the rest of this weekends future picks)

Brad- DM


My Venmo -

Username @njdevs  www.venmo.com/njdevs




Thanks for your service, man. "We" were blocked for sending money. When the world will change, I will invite the bright side of the force.

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5 hours ago, NJDevils1214 said:

The new Asus ZenFone 9. I think it'll ship over the weekend so I hope the site got something out of it.

Are you in the US? Funny you say that, was just looking at that phone and I hadn't yet seen a US release date.

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2 minutes ago, Crisis said:

Are you in the US? Funny you say that, was just looking at that phone and I hadn't yet seen a US release date.

I am. I hadn't seen one either and I couldn't find one for a few weeks after the "launch" but then this weekend I saw they popped up on Amazon with an Aug 21-27 ship date. I think they may already be out in EU and Asia(don't quote me). I am hoping it works on T-mobile...it's supposed to but I always have a healthy amount of skepticism with these things. It is going to replace my Sony Xperia Xz1 compact which I love but it's just old now and not really cutting it. A great compact flagship phone for something I bought unlocked for Like $350 in 2017. If Sony even made another one I'd have probably bought it.

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