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2022 Free Agency thread


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17 minutes ago, ajsgolf said:

Would you rather thachuk or JG?

If we could simply sign one or the other. Tkachuk.

But realistically. We have to see this as either a) Gaudreau and all our assets we currently have. or b) Tkachuk and missing many assets. Realistically a first round pick, few more picks, Holtz + + +

So overall... in term of adding value. Gaudreau is the best pick. Tkachuk would be more of a lateral move. But a great one.

How 'bout we just get both lol signing Gaudreau will make some of our players expandable and very likely a playoffs or middle of the pack team so our first round pick is not as much as a risk for next year.

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1 minute ago, bobilly45 said:

Domingue to nyr..





Cinco Cinco...



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6 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

Wonder if we'd consider signing Riley Smith for our RW... i know we were interested in him recently. Now we have his brother. He'd actually likely play with his brother on the 3rd line

I swore I saw he already re-signed with Vegas. Guess it’s one of those “not official until official” but I’d take him for sure

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Just now, SterioDesign said:

I wonder what Johnny is up to right now... 

thinking to himself, do I want to play for the devils in Newark where I may get car jacked or the islanders and be known  as a fish stick and work for a man who still doesn’t allow beards in 2022

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