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2022 Free Agency thread


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44 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

This logic so disconnected from reality.

Shero and Fitz didn't get much success BECAUSE of the mess Lou left behind and has been trying to rebuild from nothing. Well Shero did, Fitz came in with a pretty good situation.

So, you prefer Lou was never GM?

what kind of a mess was Detroit, now Chicago or any team that had a long run?  I don’t think I’m disconnected, it’s the contrary.

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I`m happy. I like it.  I believe both said "sign or bust". He can play for Ohio with losing 11 mil agaisnt Clg offer.

Fitz did it right. Johnny did play in cool guy, now he has less from Kekka.

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1 minute ago, Puckbuster said:

So, you prefer Lou was never GM?  

You know life is not as black and white as you appear to see it.

Lou was great for years but he had things going his way. The league changed and he never adapted and was too stubborn to adapt.

Ideally he would have adapted and not drag the franchise into the ground... but he did. 

It's the exact same thing than Brodeur. Brodeur is the most important player in our history. Doesnt mean we should have kept him playing until he was 64 years old simply because he wanted to and no matter how bad he got.


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