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2022 Free Agency thread


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4 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

is the return really Erik Haula?

His numbers seems like they're OK.  Can win faceoffs too.  For moving Zacha for Not-Zacha, seems like a decent get.  

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23 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

I mean i like him but i'm not sure i see a fit.

We have so many lguys who can play the left wing already. Tatar, Wood, Holtz, Sharangovich, Vesey, johnsson, boqvist, zacha, Foote, etc etc Obviously some can also play the RW but LW in general is not a big problem for us. Also a few of those guys like Zacha, Tatar and Johnsson i hope Fitz can get rid of them sooner than later

IF we're signing a left winger it has to be a top LW that'd push down everyone down a line, making the team deeper. Getting Palat would just throw another okay LW in the mix and not really help much i feel.

He's gone, isn't he? Or at least he's a UFA?

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6 minutes ago, moustic said:

i was thinking Mercer was our 3C 

I think he is probably getting converted to a wing; he played better as a wing last season. 

4 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

Motherfvcker Fitz is going to clown me today isn't he?

This is my wife's daily affirmation she says every morning.

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