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2022 Training Camp thread


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22 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

As an out of market cord cutter these games are blacked out for me. So here’s your friendly reminder to press mute before watching a game on ESPN.

nails scratching GIF by South Park


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33 minutes ago, MB3 said:

I jumped on NJDevs while absolutely out of my mind drunk at my buddy's bachelor party because I saw a guy at the pool wearing a Devils tank top and I wanted to know if it was any of you degenerates. 

A little shocked that's how the question came out. 

Conversely, the rest of us are not shocked. 

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15 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

I’m so itching for training camp that I texted my brothers what I think the pairs could be in PRACTICE now with Hickey included, Christ help me lol


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45 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

Definitely. No team could sell more Satan jerseys. 

Even if he had been a deadline acquisition that did little and was allowed to leave in the offseason...that would be one of those game worns that would've been HEAVILY hunted down, just because.  

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5 minutes ago, MB3 said:

My buddy is a bruins fan so I asked for a run-down. He said:

"Fastest skater I've ever seen. Most electric skater I've ever seen. Literally no other skills at a thursday-night beer league level, let alone NHL level. Also almost aggressively stupid." 

Sounds promising!

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