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2022 Training Camp thread


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23 hours ago, Jerzey said:

Who plays with Nico and Bratt though? One of the two will probably be on the right side of that line.

Then maybe the 3rd line is Zetterlund in the middle with Wood or Tatar on one side and then one of Rango or Mercer on the right. Or Mercer in middle if he’s on the 3rd line.

I think we'll see 








And prolly Geertson somehow because Ruff likes sh!t like that still. Foote could make it on the 4th line and Wood could end up on that 3rd line if Foote makes it. I've liked Walsh's camp too and he was paired with Marino at Harvard. 


McLeod is dominant in the draws tonight. 

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32 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

New PBP dude seems sharp, I’ll have to get used to his voice but he seems like he’s doing a good job. 

Don’t know if it’s just me but he sounds a lot like Matt Loughlin I think.  I can hear the differences but something about his voice does sound familiar.  Anyone agree?

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Fun game tonight…watched the game in its entirety.  Not going to read too much into any one thing after two preseason wins, but at least both games were wins. 

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