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Cutting the Cord

Jimmy Leeds

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Hey, didn't know where to ask this....................

Has anyone "cut the cord" from Cable and gone elsewhere?

My biggest hesitation, obviously,  is losing Devils games...........


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I know a ton about this because it's a hotly contested debate in my house right now, haha. 

When I first cut the cord in 2016, my DirecTV bill was $190/mo and my Hulu Live bill was $34/mo. I got only a few channels, which is exactly what I wanted. There were no frills or add-ons or packages. I got Hulu Live and I got NHL.tv and I was happy as a clam. 

My first "eh" moment was actually from NJDevs. I love watching games with the game thread up, but I had a ~60 second delay on my screen from what you guys were watching on cable. You think 60 seconds isn't a lot, but when you look down in chat and see "GOAAAALLLLLL" and you're still at commercial break, it's brutal. I had to start watching games with my phone upside down, because my dad would text me 9 times in 4 seconds and I knew that meant something really good or really bad. 

Still, the cost outweighed this so we stuck with it for another few years. It wasn't until this year that I realized, with Hulu TV (which now included Disney+, something we didn't need, and ESPN+, something we didn't need) plus HBO and plus a new list of a zillion channels I didn't want, it was nearly the same ($109/mo) as DirecTV ($99/mo) which made it an easy decision to switch back. 

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Hulu Live TV, gives you the entire Hulu library included. Would be cheaper. The real honest thing you need to ask yourself is, how many of the other streaming apps do you need cuz that's where the cost goes up. That's why I chose Hulu Live TV, 2 birds one stone

The moment you decide you wanna add HBO Max, Apple TV Netflix, and others it gets high if you decide you really need live sports. 



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