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Your New Jersey Devils Regular Season Thread: 2022-2023 Edition


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They finally get their best defender back and now Jack goes out. FML. 

Not only does this obviously make things harder for the team overall, but we can probably forget about seeing our first 50 goal, 100 point Devil this season. I’m so bummed out right now. 

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Am I the only one hoping we avoid the Rags in the playoffs? Not only are they dangerous but I want to see all red in our barn for our first playoff game in years.

Though I’ll never forget the awesome job our fans did with the red-out in 2012 against them. Very few rag fans were able to get tix.

But for a first round game during a season we haven’t had the season ticket spike yet for being a good team (should see that moreso next season), I’m afraid there’ll be plenty of first round tix to be had.

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