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Blackwood update


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7 hours ago, MB3 said:

I’d urge everyone to exercise caution when trying to evaluate rehab starts. First live action in a while, and you have no idea if his coach gave him anything to specifically focus on (or if the trainer told him to ease his way back in.) 

In baseball all the time an elite pitcher is in the minors for a rehab and goes like 2.1 IP 7ER and everyone freaks out and then a week later is back in the majors playing like a beast. 

Give him a few more games before rushing to say he’s cooked. He had a brutal start to the season but rebounded nicely and I don’t think the Devils should be hasty in moving him just yet.

Counterpoint, it’s Blackwood, so people are definitely going to say negative things, no matter what.

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2 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

The world would be a better place if everyone ignored Twitter replies on everything. Actually, just ignore Twitter lol.

Devils twitter is particularly bad. My other team I obsessively follow (Bengals) has a ton of great twitter accounts to follow, and interact with. Super knowledgeable, nice people, etc. 

Devils twitter is basically that Bratt pack dude (I’m even kind of getting tired of his shtick), and a bunch of mutants and trolls. There’s exceptions ofc, but I have to say, it makes me not want to follow any Devils related accounts outside of Ryan and Amanda. 

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2 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

We didn’t have any 5 game losing streaks with Blackwood in the lineup this year…

Brilliant analysis.  Whatever, he’s an average goalie and if the team is bad he will be bad.  I gotta tell you, I’m pretty disgusted by this team right now.  What happened against the Panthers was disgusting.  I don’t think it matters who is in net.  When they were winning they were a team.  Moving the puck quickly backing each other up on the ice when mistakes happened, it was beautiful.  Now, it’s just a collection of hockey players going through the motions trying to stay out of trouble and so they don’t get benched.


P.S.  I still think Foote should get a shot.  😉

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6 minutes ago, Puckbuster said:

Brilliant analysis.  

I don’t think you know the difference between analysis and stating a fact. 

7 minutes ago, Puckbuster said:

Whatever, he’s an average goalie and if the team is bad he will be bad. 

For sure. 

7 minutes ago, Puckbuster said:

P.S.  I still think Foote should get a shot.  😉

Well, now you have voluntarily surrendered any credibility. 

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