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GDT: 11/8/22, Flames @ Devils, 7:00 Please Damon Don’t Do Damon Things

Colorado Rockies 1976

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1 hour ago, MB3 said:

hahahahahahahahah that's amazing

I tried MartysBetter. Couldn't so I had to make it MartysB3tt3tr but the username was so obnoxious because I always forgot where I put the "3s", and everyone started calling me MB3 anyway so I asked DM to change it. 

Origin was:


"ah sh!t it's taken"


--Marty wins 552--


--This username is long and annoying--


I didn’t even know we could change names. 

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1 hour ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

Glenwo or something like that.  He was a tad ridiculous.  

I'd forgotten about how ridiculous he was.  I'm sorry, if you manage to have a beef with a guy like @Devil Dan 56, who's about as easy as it gets to get along with...ya got some issues.


Haha but yeah I forgot about that dude. 

Edit: just re-read that little thread. Yikes. 

Edited by Devil Dan 56
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1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

I’m not sure who I would replace him with, but why is Bastian on our #1 power play unit? 

He does a pretty decent job of screening the goalie. I remember a long time ago when a coach used Colin White for that. Sutter maybe?  

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