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38 minutes ago, hockeymetrics said:

Hughes with the amazing defensive play. In soccer that sort of play is huge now. They call it counter pressure which is as soon as you lose possession you go all out to win it back because it often will catch your opposition flatfooted and give you a odd man rush and/or quality scoring chance.

The Devils, as a team, have been doing that all season.  They are hungry for the puck and the results are an 11 game win streak.

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1 minute ago, njbuff said:

I just hope that the Devils haven't peaked and won't fall flat on their faces.

It's just the Negative Nancy in me that comes out after this team has sucked for so long, sucking the life out of me. 🤣

There’s not really much at all to suggest this is a fluke.  It’s not like they’re getting outshot and outchanced and getting insane puck luck.  I mentioned it elsewhere but they’re right in the middle of the pack in terms of save% and shooting%.  I’ve seen short-term Devils runs over the last decade where it was clear that they wouldn’t last.  They will obviously lose games, but with the talent currently on the team and a much better coaching staff, I don’t see this team falling apart, unless they get gutted by injuries. 

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