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Devils #1 with the Lead - Is it the Coach or Players?


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i’m going to say that it’s GM first. Marino is the team’s best defenseman. vanecek is a real nhl goaltender. 

Then i’d say it’s… both. 

dead weight coaches are gone. system looks sharper. players look like they know what they’re supposed to do.

but also the guys are healthy. they’re a year older and a year better. nico looks like a superstar. hamilton is back and healthy. jack is jack. jesper is jesper. 

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I think it’s a combination of having a component support staff for Ruff, zero blind loyalty to a guy’s Hall of Fame player resume and a “good lockerroom guy” sh!tty player dog sh!t coach

and players taking a huge step in the progress direction.

oh and our goalies stopping 90% of shots

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I think it's a good mix.

I think the players were never the problem. They just weren't ready or healthy.

System wise i think our overall system was fine with Lindy. But i think out defensive system under Nas and our powerplay with Recchi was systematically problematic. With those 2 guys out. We appear to be good.

I think a lot of fans had Lindy as one of the scapegoat but i don't think it's fair to judge a headcoach who wasn't able to pick his assistant coach, who's top players got injured for a large chunk of the season and who dealt with the goalies injuries and caroussel we had. No coaches in the NHL could have got any success out of that situation, none. 

And im very glad Fitz was patient and didnt make any panic move. He got Vanecek in the summer and he's been great. 

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