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GDT: Oilers @ Devils, 7:00 pm You Can Do IIIIIIIIIIIIT!

Colorado Rockies 1976

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Speaking of Seves...he's averaging a little over 17 minutes TOI per game during this streak (about 4 minutes less than his career avg, which of course is significant).  And is a +4.

He probably doesn't want to hear this, but maybe he should accept that on a good team with solid D-men, he really should slot in as a third-pair guy who can provide a little offense here and there (with a salary reflective of such a skillset).  You can use him in a Top 4 role in a VERY short term pinch, but anything longer than a few games and he'll start to get exposed.

I get that he's probably in denial, but if he's in a Top 4 role like he was here, it should only be because his team got slammed by injuries, or because similar to the case here, he's in that role due to lack of organizational depth and talent.

Basically, it's "This is how it's going to be from now Damon.  We're putting you in your best position to succeed.  Accept that this is your role here."

Of course, if there's a choice between Graves and Seves, if Fitz is interested in retaining one of them as a UFA, I'm taking Graves every time...3-4 years, $4 - 4.5 million, I'd sign him up.  Just hope he doesn't chase the coin he can get elsewhere.  


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