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World Cup 2022


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US makes the round of 16, continuing their on-again, off-again history in World Cups.  Can't say they looked all that impressive in the Wales and Iran games, but on the other hand for all their hair-raising moments defensively they only gave up one penalty kick goal in three games.

Now they get the Dutch, which might be a good thing considering they usually play up to the level of their competition and this isn't even a vintage Dutch team.  But certainly they should still beat us, especially if Pusilic's 'abdomen' isn't right for Saturday.

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The Dutch have underperformed for the last couple of WC competitions and their recent competition does not give many clues to their strengths. Wins over Qatar, Senegal and a tie with Ecuador aren't exactly impressive. Maybe got a good draw in the seeding. 

Still Netherlands would be my second rooting choice after USA. My mom's name was Quackenbush!

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