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GDT: Leafs @ Devils, 11/23 7 pm Time To Set A Record

Colorado Rockies 1976

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This bunch has a shot to do something that not even the very best teams in Devils history were able to do…yes, the 2005-06 Devils did win 15 straight games.  But still, the regular season consecutive wins record waits to be broken.

C’mon boys…make history tonight!

And even if you don’t, thank you for making Devils hockey a fun and compelling watch again!

L G M F D!!!

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Interested to see what the lines will look like. Last time against the Leafs, they went with Nico, Jack, and Bratt on different lines. Now that all the top Leafs defensemen are out, and with the Devils having the last change, maybe they frontload a bit at times and terrorize bottom six forwards and/or bottom pairing D. Either way, if we see a full effort tonight, we should be in good shape.


As a side note, at the start of the year, I felt that Toronto was a perfect fit for Severson at the deadline. With all of their injuries on defense, I can’t imagine they aren’t targeting him. However, it’s the Devils who might not be able to move him. If Nemec looked like he would be ready by midsession, then maybe. But there really isn’t a feasible option to replace Severson unless via another trade. Assuming the Devils continue winning at a reasonable rate, I can’t see them entering the postseason without that bottom pair solidified, so I’m not so sure what they’ll do at this point. 

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