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GDT - Devils @ Rags 11/28/22 7:00pm MSG


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1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

I think that was a very, very borderline too many men call. 

that wasn’t borderline. it was just incorrect. no devils players touched the puck or engaged in the play. the devils changed well before the puck got to siegenthaler. 

they just called a penalty on what happens every single line change throughout a game. because the devils need to get punished for having a lead and a positive PP margin, despite not actually committing  a penalty. 

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I’m stuck listening to the Rangers broadcast, but to my shocking surprise Rosen and Joe haven’t shut the fvck up about how good the devils are. All the things they do well. The skill, the speed, the system. They’re in awe which i love.

but also Joe said something along the lines of “the devils are too comfortable, if you’re the rangers you have to make them feel very uncomfortable here if you know what i mean” so i’m back to hoping their booth caves in.

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5 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

Just caught up with the broadcast and I’m begging Lindy to leave Jack and Mercer together for the rest of time. They’re magical together. 

I have been saying for at least a year that we don’t need guys to make Jack better, we need Jack to make guys better. Mercer was almost lost completely on the third line, and with Hughes he is magical. That’s the sh!t I have been wanting to see. 

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