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GDT: 12/3/2022, Devils v. Flyers, 7:00 pm, MSGSN


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1 minute ago, NJDevils1214 said:

1 shot in 16+ min is a goal. Just lol. I'll take it, praise Purple Bar.

If they pull off an ugly win tonight…so be it.  Always better than an ugly loss.

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Just now, RunninWithTheDevil said:

Was that a shot of Torts livid and kicking sh!t behind the bench?

I think his Flyer team needs that. 

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Well we all know even the top teams turn in an occasional dud.

So far this qualifies.  

Edited by Colorado Rockies 1976
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Rocky Dennis


Not losing

I’m out of nice things to say about this game.

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1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

Thankfully we aren’t laying a good team, or we would be down like 6-1. 

Yeah this is a dud in a tie game’s clothing.  

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Ok, this BMW commercial can go fvck itself. 

1) Nobody gives cars with a big bow on them for Christmas.

2) Nobody has a giant bow accidentally land on their car and when their dad thinks it’s a gift, just goes along with it instead of saying “no, this is my $80k truck you greedy ass b!tch”. 

3) Even if he did give his dad an $80k truck, the dad wants to see what he got for his mother? That truck is for both of you, sh!thead! 

I’m naming this the new “sweet salad under his bucket” ad, as it annoys me every time. 

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